Every child must learn how to make a profit, says David Cameron

How Britain can produce a new generation of entrepreneurs….

Every child in Britain should be taught how to make a profit and how money is made in order for Britain to produce a new generation of entrepreneurs, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

According to Cameron, British schools should be doing a great deal more in order to find our next “Richard Bransons and Karren Bradys”.

As a result, Cameron is set to personally contact businesses in a plight to encourage them to visit their local schools and pass on their financial knowledge.

Passing on hard-won knowledge

In an interview between PM Cameron and the Institute of Directors monthly magazine, Cameron commented:

“Children need to know how money is made, about turning over a profit, about working in a team.”

He argued that by bringing pupils’ ambition alive and showing them what they can do to succeed through the “hard won knowledge” of Britain’s top businessmen will ensure the future of the UK is in safe hands.

Going on to explain the current success of the UK which has seen increased investment, improved employment and a record number of start-up businesses opening its doors Cameron proudly declared that “Britain is back in business”.

The next generation

The Prime Minister acknowledged that in order for the country’s economic plan to continue, the next generation must be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to continue this success.

With Personal Finance Education (PFE) now a part of the national curriculum in secondary schools up and down the UK, children will finally be taught about money and how to use it responsibly.

With organisations such as Bamzonia at the forefront of this economic fight for success – providing tools, techniques and support for teachers – there is no reason that the next generation won’t leave school with the knowledge needed to continue to contribute to the British economy and support themselves financially.

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