Teaching children about money

Primary - counting moneyBamzonia is rolling out to schools across the UK, helping students between the ages of 7-16 build their financial confidence.

Bamzonia is an online financial education game. 47 interactive lessons link back to the national curriculum and teach students all about money. Lessons from coin recognition, bank accounts and budgeting right through to pensions, wages and investments are taught in bite-size chunks. Quizzes at the end of each lesson check understanding and offer rewards in the shape of certificates and Zonian credits.

Zonian credits are the virtual currency of the Bamzonia game. This is a city-building regeneration game where students are challenged to rebuild the economy of the island of Bamzonia. The more they learn, the more they earn and the faster they can progress in the game. Students can compete with their friends and become more financially confident whilst playing the game.

Bamzonia makes financial education a little more fun for students but a great deal easier to deliver for teachers. We make sure that lesson girlpreparation is minimal, no marking is required, student monitoring and reporting is available at the touch of a button but, most importantly, you don’t have to be a financial expert or receive any training to deliver the lessons.

Everyone can benefit from Bamzonia and build on their financial knowledge. Bamzonia offers “Community site licenses”. This means that when a school introduces Bamzonia to their school, licenses are available for all students, all teachers and all students’ parents. This way we can all monitor how are children are progressing but also have access to lessons to build our own financial confidence at the same time. Bamzonia’s goal is a more secure financial future for us all.

If you would like your child’s school to offer Bamzonia to their students, why not email us at info@bamzonia.com with the school name and postcode?  We will then send out an information pack to the Headteacher. Alternatively, simply call us on 0333 123 1750 where we will be happy to help.