How Bamzonia Works


Bamzonia is a complete online course of personal financial education (PFE). It is designed for UK school students from 7-16.

Bamzonia combines a game with lessons and quizzes to keep students engaged and involved while learning.


Guru Abacus

The economy of the island of Bamzonia is in deep trouble. It is up to your students to help it develop. They will need to rebuild the infrastructure by installing amenities, housing and public services. As they do this they will see the island’s measures of health, wealth and happiness improve.

Rebuilding an economy takes Zonian credits, and to earn these students need to take online lessons and then answer quizzes.



Bamzonia’s lessons are contained in three modules, Discover Bamzonia (ages 7-11), Build Bamzonia (ages 11-14) and Live Bamzonia (ages 14-16). Each module contains 15 or 16 lessons, and each lesson is followed by a 15 question quiz.

V2 quiz

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Bamzonia lessons align to the UK curricula. Find out more about our curriculum links.

The lessons are interactive and use fictional characters and situations to illustrate the concepts being taught. Teachers are given a supplementary lesson plan to accompany each online lesson.

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Although Bamzonia lessons are designed to meet all UK curriculum requirements, our key aim is to provide young people with the financial skills and confidence they will need to navigate a complex and sometimes cynical financial landscape.


Teachers’ Pages

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The teacher login gives access to the lesson plans and a dashboard which allows the teacher to control and monitor student progress. Teachers can open and close lessons for individuals and groups, award extra credits, and monitor class and individual scores and progress.

We have minimized the amount of lesson preparation necessary and all marking is automatic. You can find out more about how Bamzonia easily allows you to control student progress in Report and Measure.