About your free trial

slider3 “Play now for free” takes you to a short form providing us with the details we need to register your school. Once registered your school will have full access to Bamzonia and a one week review can start.

Alternatively, you can simply email trial@bamzonia.com with your contact details and we will send you a full access login.

Your review will last for one week and you are free to upload students and teachers to test within your live environment. At the end of the review, you are under no obligation to continue and we will contact you to ask if you want to go ahead.

If you think Bamzonia is right for your school and you choose to go ahead you have two options (prices exclude vat):

Individual Licenses

per student per annum   £5.99

School Site License

Primary School:           £49

Secondary School:      £79

A School Site License gives all students and teachers in your school full access to Bamzonia for a year.

If you have any questions, give Louise or Bruce a call on 0333 123 1750.